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How do I get into cycling to work?

January 16, 2019


How do I get into cycling to work?


Cycling to work offers a great way to be fit, healthy and happy. It can help you to start and end the day on a high…and could increase your productivity!


It’s also great for the environment as you won’t be releasing toxic emissions on your commute.

But how does one get into cycling to work? Sometimes the hardest step is the first…so here are some tips to help get you started!



How far can I cycle and how long will it take?​


As a rough guide, most people can cover 5 miles in half an hour.


But if you’d like a more accurate guide, do a test run on your day off and see how comfortable you feel.


If you don’t feel like you’re able to cover your full commute straight away, or if you have a particularly long commute, why not consider driving or using public transport for some of the journey, then cycling the last bit?



What about busy roads?


If you’re unsure about cycling on busy roads, it may be worth enrolling onto a training course to build confidence. Alternatively, plot out a quieter route that avoids main roads and traffic jams…or ask a colleague if they’d like to buddy up (strength in numbers).


My bike could do with some attention.


Before taking up the cycle to work, get your bike serviced. You’ll feel much more confident knowing that your bike is in tip top condition.


It’s also worth learning some basic bike maintenance so that you know how to keep your bike in shape.


There aren’t showers at work and I don’t want to arrive sweaty!


Don’t worry. Take your time (it’s not a race) and you shouldn’t get too hot and bothered.


Alternatively, why not try an electric bike to help you get through the more strenuous parts of your commute without breaking a sweat?


What about the weather?


A bit of rain may be annoying, but don’t let it stop you! Kit yourself out with suitable waterproof clothing and it shouldn’t be an issue. If it’s particularly awful, don’t worry…just get back in the pedals as soon as it’s blown over!



How do I keep my bike safe?


It’s worth investing in a good, solid D-lock. Also think about how and where to lock your bike whilst you’re at work.


If your workplace doesn’t provide cycle parking, then maybe suggest they investigate this.

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