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Riding into the future

October 9, 2017


On Monday this week, our Boss Ian Gibbs invited all  the staff from I Cycle Electric, Cycles Recycled and I Cycle Ltd to get together for for a working lunch! 

This was unlike any other we have had before!!  


The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.”


 Ian was keen for us to take a moment look back at all that we have accomplished and how far we have come.


Often we get so busy doing that we forget to stop and look back to appreciate just far we have truly come. By stopping and taking a moment to write down the things we have gotten done it can help us to recognize exactly how much we have been capable of and it helps us recognize that there is still so much more that we can go on to do.

We have had so many amazing moments and developments that we wanted to share them with you:


I believe when you are trying to make progress as a company you have to get the right people in place to manage their own areas. This is achieved by realising their skills, identifying areas for development, giving them enhanced skills and opportunities to expand their knowledge and encouraging their confidence to achieve what they and the business benefits from. 

I am aware that previous people involved in the company have meant that we have built a great basis for success but the current managers have the skills, ability and desire for us to move forward and achieve great success to benefit customers, individuals and the business. Electric bikes just make cycling so much more fun. On a recent test ride I took out the smallest wheel bike with a small battery because I wanted to see how it coped with a larger framed person (fat lad!) going up hills. We rode up a few steep hills (30%) and when I got to the top I was not out of breath at all, I even had a conversation going up. The ride was only about 10 miles but when I got back the battery was 3/4 full. If it take me anywhere and make me smile it will do it for anyone.


Managing Director, Ian Gibbs


Cycles Recycled has seen huge developments over the last few months.  We have moved back into our Unit on North Street where we have been upcycling many of our donated bikes, which will provide local residents and beyond access to affordable transport and an opportunity to increase their well-being through cycling.

I have also created a maintenance station where I am able to maintain and repair bikes. Whether a simple repair through to a full re-build we are now able to do it all. We are also able to provide both new and recycled parts and these can either be bought directly or fitted for you by our maintenance team.

Even more exciting, is we have plans in place to set up to offer learning and training opportunities for both the local and wider community in order to help grow and sustain the use of bicycles as transport for more people.

We look forward to introducing more people to cycling.

Maintenance Manager, Steve Mitchell


One thing that I never tire of is persuading a reluctant customer who has never been on an electric bike to have a test ride, and seeing their reaction when they return. We call this the "The electric bike smile". Just this week a gentleman struggled into the shop on a pair of crutches. He was initially reluctant to get on an electric bike, but after an explanation of how they worked, became adamant that he was going to have a go, whatever it took. After quite an effort he set off and rode round the car park with ease. On his return, the result was clear - an electric bike was the ideal solution to both his physical and mental rehabilitation. Riding a bike is the first taste of independence we have as a child, nobody forgets how that felt for the first time and the fun that followed. But rekindling this later in life can be very challenging, especially having to cope with the uncompromising Lancashire terrain. This is where an electric bike comes to the rescue - you can still have the fun and benefits that go with bike riding, but on your own terms. Don't take our word for it, just speak to anyone who owns an electric bike and they will simply radiate with enthusiasm of how it has changed their lives for the better.

Nick Skelton, Retail Manager


It was nearly four months ago that I started to work for this amazing company. As I look back  I am blown away at how much has happened during this time.Personally I am amazed by how many new skills I have gained and how much I have learnt!  New to the cycling industry, it was always going to be challenging but I know more now about electric bikes that I ever thought I would! My social media skills have been pushed to their limits with the update of our current website content and social media feeds and well........ my cycling skills were in the past something to be desired but by the end of this month I hope to be a qualified 'Bikeability Instructor'. 


“Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.”


 I think most of us will be surprised to find out just how far we have come. Often we think we have come to a place that appears to be the end only to find out that it is just the start of something bigger and better.  Think about it, if you were to cycle to a point that was as far as you can see what would happen next?  You would see a whole new place that is the new farthest point you can see in front of you…


Have a great day everyone and remember to look back and appreciate how far you have come and then start looking for that point in the future that is as far away as you can see and start pedalling.

Kay Gibson, Operations Manager

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